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GROUP Classes


Workshops/Group Classes


Come learn effective techniques for self-care and repair and discover relief from tension, stress, pain, old injury, and post-surgery.

Before your first group class, please inform Laura if you have any acute pain, take pain medication, or have had recent surgery.

For some people, a one-on-one session is the best place to start. 



Gentle Movements

Hanna Somatic group classes will help you learn gentle, slow-motion movement sequences and re-patterning techniques. Everyone will work relative to his/her own comfort zone. The technique is so gentle that it's safe for aging adults or for people recovering from injury, surgery, or trauma.

Hanna Somatics can be extremely helpful for anyone of any age and fitness level, including athletes, dancers, and actors.

Professionals—such as body workers, MTs, physical therapists, yoga teachers, pilates instructors, fitness coaches, and dance instructors—you will find these techniques useful for the care and repair of your own hard-working bodies. You can also offer some of these new and useful somatic approaches to your own clients.



Full Days, Weekend Intensives: Would You Like To Host A Workshop?

Laura is available for one, two, or three-day workshops focusing on specific subjects. She has taught workshops in the past, addressing the following groups and subjects:


Somatic Solutions: Focus On Scoliosis


A two-day event for three levels of participants, including students with:

  • Scoliosis
  • Essential Somatic movement teachers
  • Clinical Somatic practitioners
  • Students in training
  • See more details below

Somatic Solutions For Musicians


Focus on repetitive motion and postural issues, freer, fuller breathing, and self-care techniques that can extend a career.

Somatic Solutions For Dancers


Offers self-care for specific needs of:

  • Dancers
  • Restoring proprioception and function
  • Post-injury and injury prevention

Somatic Solutions For Runners


Addresses injury prevention specific to your sport with attention to feet and leg details, increasing mobility in the center, and a somatic warmup that improves on the old stretch model.

Intro Workshops For All Populations


Popular workshops are subject-specific. Here are some past workshops:

  • Somatic Solutions for Scoliosis
  • Lower-Body Issues
  • Core to the Floor
  • Fluid Forward Motion
  • Upper-Body Focus
  • Neck and Shoulders
  • TMJ
  • Creating a More Intelligent Spine
  • Increase Your Oxygen Intake for a Smarter Brain and Better Performance
  • Restoring Twists and Spirals

If you would like to host an event at your venue, contact Laura.



A two-day event for three levels of participants, including:

  • Students with scoliosis
  • Essential Somatic movement teachers
  • Clinical Somatic practitioners
  • Students in training

We will address the areas of evaluation, assessment, and somatic strategies for these issues.



For Participants With Scoliosis

An opportunity to learn more about scoliosis and somatic strategies and techniques specific to your needs such as:

  • Pain relief
  • Increased mobility
  • Potential improvement in alignment

Prerequisite: a basic introduction to Hanna Somatics. Please inquire.

Tuition includes a one-to-one private session, scheduled after the weekend.



For Essential Somatics Movement Teachers

This weekend course will break down some scoliosis-specific somatic movements for teaching. Teachers will create and teach (or co-create with fellow classmates) a brief class for fellow students.



For Clinical Practitioners And Practitioners In Training

This workshop provides a varied laboratory on the subject of scoliosis with focus on:

  • Teaching
  • Assessment skills
  • Observation of several of my one-to-one sessions with scoliosis clients
  • Debriefing and practice time
  • Mentoring

If you are interested in hosting this event, please inquire. 



Interested In Further Studies To Be A Somatic Movement Teacher Or Hands-On Practitioner?

Go to under Trainings. You will find various training pathways, including:

  • Two-day Fundamentals Imersion courses
  • ESMTT (Essential Somatics Movement Teacher Training) certification course

Both of these are prerequisites to the Essential Somatics Clinical Practitioner training. Details, cost, and prospectus can be found there.



Practitioners Of Other Modalities

Instructors of other modalities: You will find useful ideas and techniques to enhance your skill set and your clients’ experience.

Physical therapists certified in this work report that these techniques are revolutionizing their practice. Body workers, MTs, and PTs will appreciate these techniques as self-care of your own hard-working body as well as some excellent options for maintenance practice for clients and patients.




Laura provides to all workshops and classes, illustrated take-home materials for your continuing home practice.

Videos of somatic movements are available, some offered free, some for purchase at a moderate price.



Please wear comfortable, flexible clothing and socks for classes and one-on-one sessions.


Check calendar for upcoming classes. You can also purchase class discount packages at our store.

If you have acute pain, recent surgery, or are on pain medication, contact Laura before attending your first group class.