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Somatic Solutions for Shoulders, Neck, Jaw

"Somatic Solutions for Shoulders, Neck, Jaw" 

will address tension, pain, in these areas with gentle but powerful neuromuscular re-patterning techniques developed by the late somatic pioneer, Thomas Hanna PhD. This work changes the brain’s default signals to the muscles via movement, for improved mobility, sensation, control, giving more circulation and health to the tissues with potential improvement for many issues, like headaches, jaw tension, poor posture and more. Illustrated materials with each class for your home somatic practice.

At Balance Arts Center, 34 W 28th st, 3rd floor. NYC (between 6thave/Bway) Classes are $35 single, or discount class cards available, no time limit. Wear flexible clothing and socks. If you take pain medication, or have acute pain or recent surgery, please contact me prior to attending class. Everyone RSVP please to or text 718 350 0637.


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Core To The Floor, For Dancers And Other Athletes

“Core to the Floor, for Dancers and Other Athletes” offering somatic solutions for more mobile and enjoyable walking, running, dancing. This class re-patterns muscle groups in torso, pelvis, hips, legs and offers details for the feet, to restore full stride, improve balance, coordination, and help with chronic pain. These are must have self care techniques for

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Somatic Solutions For Dancers And Other Athletes

  • MMAC, Manhattan Movement & Art Center (map)
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"Somatic Solutions for Dancers and other Athletes" offers somatic basics, central body re-patterning including torso, hip sockets, shoulders, entire spine. It gives a nice foundation for the Mar 3 class, although both classes stand alone as well. These therapeutic movement techniques offer a quite different approach to the brain and nervous system, and bring

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