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NYC: Freeing the Body from Old Muscular Habits

  • Balance Arts Center 151 W 30th St., 3rd Floor New York City, NY 10001 USA (map)
NYC: Freeing the Body from Old Muscular Habits

Come learn these gentle, powerful self-care somatic movement techniques to change your brain’s connection to its body and your relationship to it. Via this slow motion movement practice, you will create more mobility, sensation, and control, and restore the muscle’s optimum resting length. This new mobility increases oxygen intake, lymphatic and cardiovascular health, and allows bones and posture to move towards better alignment effortlessly. Come learn the perfect preparation for Yoga, dance, or any activity you enjoy, and effective self-care techniques for chronic pain, injury prevention, and teaching the nervous system a calmer setting. Discover a brilliant way to live inside your body and a practice that will you give you continued improvement. Empower yourself to live brilliantly in your body!

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