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Somatic Solutions Workshop: For Smarter Body, Less Pain, Injury Prevention!-Cheshire, UK

  • Plumley Village Hall-Cheshire, UK Plumley Moor Rd Plumley, Cheshire. WA16 0TR UK (map)

Workshop Leader: Laura M Gates, CHSE, CCSE, NYC
Host: Susan Roberts

These classes offer you a one day emersion into the movement practice, self-care techniques to use for a lifetime, and an enhancement to all your activities. You will take home illustrated materials to support your learning. Mostly on mats, with some sitting and standing, we will explore a therapeutic movement technique whose main ingredients are slow, mindful motion, gentle effort, with powerful results. Everyone will work relative to their own body’s signals, avoiding pain and stretch, and make use of the brain and nervous system’s natural ability to change itself through motion. The techniques are appropriate for athletes and non-athletes, all ages and fitness levels. We will re-educate the brain's signal to the muscles for a smarter body, greater ease of movement, less pain, improved posture, performance with benefit to every system of the body. Each class will end with some brief standing playful movement explorations to celebrate the changes in our body!

Your questions are welcome! Contact Susan Roberts or Contact Laura

Workshop Details

Somatic Solutions: for Smarter Body,  Less Pain, Injury Prevention! 
Sunday, Sept 30, 2018

Upper Body (morning)
Workshop cost: $35

Lower Body (afternoon)
Workshop cost: $35

Both Classes: $60


1-On-1 Sessions: Discounted Rate
Discount for workshop participants: $130
Session length: 90 min.

Laura M Gates is a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator (CHSE) and Clinical Somatic Educator (CCSE) and practitioner based in New York City and Averøy, Norway. As a former professional dancer, she toured internationally with the Lar Lubovitch Dance Co in the 70s and 80s and earned an MFA degree in dance from Bennington College. She brings over 40 years experience as a movement educator to her work and studied kinesthetic anatomy with celebrated master teacher Irene Dowd in NYC. She was certified by both Somatic Systems Institute, Northampton, MA and Novato Institute, CA. She currently assists Martha Peterson, CHSE, director, and the Essential Somatics team, training clinical practitioners and somatic movement teachers internationally. Laura’s own journey with scoliosis has brought her to this excellent work and developing scoliosis specific strategies.