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Somatic Solutions: Improving Uneven Posture, Scoliosis, And Chronic Pain–Portland, OR, USA

  • Taborspace, Muir Hall, Portland, OR 5441 Southeast Belmont Street Portland, OR 97215 United States (map)

Workshop Leader: Laura M Gates, CHSE, CCSE, NYC
Hosted/Assisted by: Kristin Jackson, CCSE, CPT

This workshop addresses uneven posture, scoliosis and offers effective, non-invasive techniques for changing, improving, and preventing it. We will celebrate our curves, improve our relationship to our bodies, and explore the natural ability of the brain and nervous system to change itself, towards more mobility, improved posture, sensation, control, and less pain. You will go home with an illustrated manual, and videos to support your learning process.

Essential Somatics—also known as Hanna (Clinical) Somatic Education, is a hands-on technique, a movement practice, and a comprehensive system for changing the brain, nervous system and muscular function initially developed by the late neuromuscular pioneer, Thomas Hanna, Ph.D. This weekend emersion in the movement practice offers excellent self-care techniques to change your quality of life, lower stress, with benefits to all systems of the body. We will focus on scoliosis specific movements and strategies.

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Workshop Details

Workshop Schedule

Group 1: Those with uneven posture, (with or without diagnosis of scoliosis)

Fri, Sat, Apr 12, 13  (all of day 1, afternoon of day 2)
Workshop cost: $350/Early bird rate: $275 (by Mar 18)

Group 2: Somatic Movement Teachers, HSEC or ESMTT trained
Levels 1 or 2, clinical students pre-module 4, and
Movement teachers of other modalities with some experience in clinical somatics

Fri, Sat, Apr 12, 13 (all of day 1 and 2)
Workshop cost: $400/Early bird rate: $325 (by Mar 18)

Group 3: Clinical Practitioners, graduates and clinical students post Module 4
Fri, Sat, Sun, April 12, 13, 14   (all of day 1, 2, plus day 3) 
Workshop cost: $650/Early bird rate: $550 (by Mar 18)

1-On-1 Sessions: Discounted Rate
Discount for workshop participants: $120
Session length: 90 min.

Laura M Gates, CHSE, CCSE, is on the training team at Essential Somatics LLC, teaching internationally. She brings a background to her work of professional dance, many years as a movement educator, and study of kinesthetic anatomy. Her own journey with scoliosis, and developing somatic strategies for herself, her students and clients, led to the creation of this workshop.