How Hanna Somatic methods work

Hanna Somatic Education, also known as Clinical Somatic Education, is a movement practice, a hands-on technique, and a comprehensive system for changing the brain and nervous system, developed by the late neuromuscular pioneer, Thomas Hanna, PhD.

The techniques change the brain's signals to the muscles, improving muscle function, control, sensation, mobility, alignment and can decrease pain. These methods can change the contractive patterns that have become the “default” signals from the brain, the result of the imprint of trauma, both physical and emotional, as well as surgery and old movement or postural habits.

This therapeutic movement work uses both hands-on feedback from a practitioner during a one-to-one session, paired with a movement practice for the client. The solo practice embraced by the client transforms the short-term new neuromuscular learning accomplished in a session into long-term learning and long-lasting change, literally changing the brain's old, poorly functioning habits into new efficient habits in regards to human movement and coordination. Group classes in somatic movement can greatly enhance a client's learning process, solo somatic movement skills, and success.

Laura Gates