A Comprehensive System that addresses a multiplicity of issues

Thomas Hanna, PhD, the late neuromuscular pioneer, developed Hanna Somatic Education, also known as Clinical Somatic Education, a system for brain/body change that can be helpful for a large variety of issues and symptoms. This work is an enhancement to performance in general and to many other modalities, as varied as dance, pilates, yoga, massage therapy, and also a psychotherapeutic process.

The techniques, both the hands-on methods and the solo movement practice, address and change the habituated contractive patterns that are the imprint of physical and emotional trauma, freeing the body to move as it was designed to move and assisting humans to move forward out of old emotional habits.

After many years of using this work on a nearly daily basis, I have noticed an improvement to my ability to deal with stress and my relationship to my body and total self. I feel as though I have literally re-educated my nervous system to a new “calmer” setting. 

Laura Gates