“Laura Gates is amazing!”

“Laura Gates is amazing! She is gifted and caring and knowledgeable and intuitive and gentle... Quite frankly, she is the real deal. After injuring my back for the third time and developing an intensely painful case of sciatica, I was discouraged and depressed and didn’t know what to do. I sought help from a mainstream doctor who prescribed a ton of medication and physical therapy. After a few sessions with a physical therapist, I knew I needed something different, something that would help me get to the root of the problem…

After my first session [with Laura], my sciatica dissipated, and I began to feel calm and more in control of what was happening to my body and why. After several sessions, my sciatica completely disappeared. Best of all, Laura gave me the tools to help myself… and that is the greatest gift she gave me! I have been pain-free since our work together, mostly because I am so much more in touch with the warning signs of injury and now have the knowledge to bring relief to myself.”

— JC, age 49, educator